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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  July 17, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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killed. so far we know that from at least nine different countries. most were dutch. all the crew members were from malaysia. 41 people still have not been identified. . >> we've seen report that there may have been american citizens on board and obviously, that's our first concern and we're now working every minute to try to confirm those reports as i speak. >> both ukrainian and pro-russian forces have been fighting for nearly eight months in this very region. both denying they had anything to do with the attack. ukraine's president, calling it an act of terrorism. and now, the united nations is getting involved. >> the reports along with the international civil aviation organization of united nations agency. there is clearly a need, a full and transparent international investigation.
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>> aviation authorities around the world, including here in the u.s. are telling airlines not to fly over this area. lufthansa, delta and others are avoiding it. we have team coverage tonight. mark matthews has reaction from the bay area's ukrainian community. we begin with steven stock. one of the concerns, this route has been deemed safe but recently it's been unsafe. >> that's exactly right, raj. we pieced together flight paths over europe dating back over this area over the last several weeks. though many airlines appear to have avoided ukraine altogether, several airlines, including malaysia air, continued to fly over the country regularly despite the conflict there on the ground. despite the fact that at least one cargo plane had already been shot out of the same sky in the same region, less than a week ago. >> the pictures show the aftermath of what u.s. officials now believe was a missile strike
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on the boeing 777 flying at 33,000 feet. data from the internet site, flight aware shows the flight ending abruptly, just west of the russian border. this despite several warnings about the safety of the airspace over ukraine. first, warnings put out on april 3rd by the f.a.a. and the international civil aviation organization warning pilots of "the possible existence of serious risk to the safety of all international civil flights." those warnings from specific only to the crimian region of ukraine. then pilots were warned not to fly between 26,000 and 32,000 feet above eastern ukraine where the flight was shot down at 33,000 feet. data shows that malaysia air was at 31,000 feet over germany, but apparently ascended to 33,000 feet for the flight over ukraine. you don't want to burn more fuel than you have to.
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and if you have to take a longer route, of course, that translates into a whole lot of additional cost. so you continue to fly the shortest distance. just remember that the earth isn't flat as we all know and the great circle route which would take you from point a to point b in this particular instance, it may be that that short route took them over ukraine. and their perception of the threat, especially from a missile that would reach 33,000 feet, they may not have perceived that fly-over as a threat as it has now panned out. >> we just learned from aviation insiders here in the united states that malaysia air climbed from 31,000 feet there in germany to 33,000 feet just prior to entering ukrainian airspa airspace. that indicates the pilots could have been aware of these flight restrictions and purposely climbed to that altitude to avoid the restricted airspace. by the way, the entire airspace now has been restricted because
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of this shoot-down. >> steven, thank you. president obama very active in all of this. he sfoek with the presidents of russia and ukraine. petro poroshenko, president obama vowed the united states will help. >> directed by national security team to stay in close contact with the ukrainian government. the united states will offer any assistance we can to help determine what happened and why. >> both presidents agree that the evidence from the crash must remain on site for investigators to examine. he also had a limited discussion with russian president vladimir putin. back here at home, ukrainian americans are reacting to today's attack. mark matthews is at the ukrainian consulate in san francisco with that part of the story. mark? >> reporter: ukrainian americans are eager to focus attention on the conflict in the ukraine and they're hoping that this latest incident will push the united states and europe into more military support for the
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government in kiev against the rebels. the first reaction to the shooting down of malaysia flight 17, what you would expect. >> i was shocked. >> it's a huge tragedy. >> it's really, really tragic. >> it's absolute horror at the tragedy. >> and then the blame. >> ukrainian americans we met, unified in their condemnation of pro-russian rebels. >> i have heard that the separatists actually claimed a victory of having shot down a military aircraft before they realized that it was a commercial airliner. >> they admitted to blowing up the plane. and then couple hours later they said no, no, we didn't do that. >> unfortunately, this is not out of line with everything that putin has been doing so far. >> what they hope will come of it, more attention to the conflict in ukraine. and more help from the u.s. and europe. >> the difference is you cannot turn your eyes away, kind of. you can't blink on these events. >> i think they should help with
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firepower. >> i think the eu and the u.s. should strongly consider providing more direct military assistance to the ukraine. >> software developer alex believes it will either be ineffective diplomatic condemnation. >> the other hopeful version that someone will finally act on this. because it's got to stop. >> reporter: and as we heard the president say just moments ago, the assistance from the united states right now will be to determine what happened and why. reporting from the ukrainian consulate here on bush street, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. mark, thank you. word spread quickly through our international airport, including sfo. the consensus by passengers was simply disbelief. >> it's a tragedy for everybody concerned. malaysian airlines and all the passengers and all their families. >> it was kind of a surprise. kind of crazy to think a plane
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got shot down not knowing why it was shot down. i mean, it was just a passenger plane. >> so many families are traveling in this summer months right now. most passengers told us this will not keep them from flying. >> more details on the plane crash. this isn't the first time someone has taken aim at a civilian plane. in 1988 the united states mistakenly shot down iranian flight 655 during the iraq war. 290 people on board were killed. u.s. military officials said they thought the plane was an iranian f-14. the soviet attack on korean flight 007 in 1983. that jet was headed from new york seoul when it flew into airspace. they thought it was a spy plane. all 269 people on board that flight also killed. today's tragedy is the second one, though, to hit malaysia airlines in just four months. you remember that back in march, flight 370 vanished during a
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flight from kuala lumpur to beijing. an exhaustive search from several countries has still turned up nothing. but malaysian officials said this week they're not giving up, launching yet another search next month. 239 people were on board that plane and are now presumed dead. we continue our coverage on our website, click on the story and it will lead you to the ukrainian plane crash section with raw video and photos for you there. it is nbc bay our other top story, the crisis in the middle east. israel is on the offensive and the palestinians are holding their breath. israel's ground troops, israeli ground troops are rolling into the gaza strip as we speak. thousands of israeli soldiers backed by tanks invaded the region. israel defense forces say the goal is to target ha mazz tunnels that enable them -- this is israel's first major ground offensive in gaza in more than five years. michelle roberts is with us
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tonight. this is a complex and emotional fight that stretches here to the bay area with local israelis and palestinians. >> it absolutely does. israelians and palestinians are watching as many glued to the tv. some are watching for facebook, any signs of their loved one who is are speaking out, possibly caught in the crossfire. there is one woman in los gatos who hit her close. she's had a devastating news with her family. she's waiting to hear. her 16-year-old cousin was killed by israeli men. his body was found burned last week. her other cousin, tariq abu was visiting palestine when he was beaten up and detained. he was released and returned to the u.s. last night. she believes the violence against especially children needs to stop. >> they don't care. they want to wipe everyone out. let's do ethnic cleansing of this area. we want this area.
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so we'll bomb all the houses wipe it out. >> a spokesman with the jewish federation of the silicon valley says the situation is a tragedy, one that didn't need to happen. >> israel is forced to respond to a -- to the crisis in a military fashion. and they have to. but it also involves at the final analysis, that there's going to be civilian suffering. that has to do with the fact that hamas does not care if there's civilians sufferers. >> he went to say this is a lose-lose situation for both parties involved. he is hoping for a cease-fire soon. raj, back to you. >> thank you, michelle. turn now to a landmark settlement involving cisco corporation which is the world's largest food distributor. our investigation last year revealed the unsanitary and illegal food practices. tonight, though, we're learning about the penalty that cisco is now facing.
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vicky williams broke the story and joins us with the story. >> just $19.4 million. that's how much cisco has agreed to pay in one of the largest consumer settlements in california history. it stems directly from what our investigation exposed last year. it was storing raw meat, chicken and dairy in outdoor unrefrigerated sheds throughout the state. it was delivered to schools, hospitals and restaurants. the reports triggered an immediate investigation from the state department of public health and prompted prosecutors from ten district attorneys' offices to file a consumer lawsuit on behalf of the millions of people who eat sysco food every day. >> it is my understanding one. largest consumer fraud settlements in california history. and they're being held accountable. $19 million is not a slap on the wrist. >> reporter: they declined an interview request but in a statement the ceo said we sincerely regret that some of
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our california companies failed to adhere to our long-standing policies regarding drop sites. in addition to the settlement with the state, we have comprehend hence civil addressed our food safety and quality assurance across the enterprise. as part of the settlement, money will be used to pay for a statewide program to pay for more safety inspectors. we'll have much more at 6:00 p.m. on the year-long investigation and what inspectors found. now back to you jess and raj. if you have a tip for investigative unit for vicky specifically, call 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail. just ahead, police are calling it a case of road rage. why one driver opened fire on another and how the violence played out at one much their homes. also -- >> i'm jodi hernandez in stockton where police are trying to unravel what led to the jaw-dropping and deadly bank robbery and gun battle. i'll have a live report coming up.
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new at 5:00 tonight, a fight over road rules followed one man back to his north bay home. the result? a shooting inside his garage. officers say it started after a driver followed one man back to his home on paradise drive around noon. they got into a fight there and that's when the bullets started flying. nbc bay area christy smith is live with more on what happened. one man was hit. >> reporter: yeah. good evening, jessica. this story is crazy. one man cut the other man off. the whole thing ended at the driveway of one of the men. a 71-year-old homeowner who pulled out a .357 revolver. he ended up oechg fire. tonight he's been arrested and booked for assault with a firearm on a person. central ma rinne police say that man is james steven simon who
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lives here in korte ma dir a. the other man involved, the 69-year-old from tiburon followed him from a mile away. both slowing down and speeding up. the 69-year-old followed simon who pulled into his own  driveway. the garage door came crashing down on his car. simon then fired a warning shot and then turned the gun. >> an incident occurred. we're not really sure. we're piecing it together. the resident here fired multiple rounds and struck the tiburon resident multiple times. >> that victim was taken to the hospital and underwent surgery. we're told he is expected to recover. james simon is being booked into the ma rinne county jail. apparently simon was not in fear for his life. reporting live, christie smith.
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the people are still in shock after yesterday's bank robbery and subsequent shooting. three people died, including one of the hostages who was a mother of two. jodi hernandez joins us from stockton this evening. this is the type of violent crime we rarely see. >> reporter: that's right. in fact, the police chief says that the suspect put this entire community at risk. they were so heavily armed, he says, that they actually had ammo strapped to their bodies. now, this is where it all landed. in fact, you can see some of the police cars involved in the gun battle are still out here on the streets as the department of justice investigates. >> she want to see her arm. >> desiree armstrong can't bear to see what the daughters went through when the 12-year-old's mother was taken hostage inside a stockton bank yesterday afternoon. >> i don't understand why this had to happen. why she had to be the one to have this happen to her.
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>> the gunman led police on a high-speed chase that lasted more than an hour. firing their weapons the entire time. police say the only suspect to survive, 19-year-old jaime ramos came out uninjured at the expense of hostage hold stingh. >> preliminary indications are that the surviving gunman used the final hostage as a shield. >> i heard gunshots. >> richard gomez was driving back to work from his lunch break when he was suddenly in the middle of it all. in fact, a bullet hit his car. >> you hear the bullets whizzing past the car and i'm on the floor of my truck just screaming. pulling my hair. crying. screaming. not knowing what to do. thinking that i'm going to die. >> reporter: now, police say both of the suspects who died in the incident were known gang members. the surviving suspect, a gang associate. reporting live in stockton, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news.
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prepare to pay even if you're cutting back. that word from the alameda water district tonight. the district has a $15 million budget gap. ironically, it's because customers have reduced their water use by 20%. after 12 straight years of rate increase, water district directors will consider a surcharge on customer bills. if passed, that surcharge will go into effect on monday. let's bring in jeff ranieri, hopefully that el nino rain will be coming. >> we certainly need it. an extreme to exceptional levels of drought across the bay area. beautiful picture across san jose. mid to high level clouds. currently 74 right now throughout downtown. we'll take you to the rest of the bay area. with this strong on-shore flow, westerly winds, 10 to 20 miles an hour. dropping in the north bay area to 70 degrees. fog is thick and thin at 6 a. comfortable throughout the east shore. the low clouds moving in at 73
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and back towards the tri-valley looks great with 76 degrees at the current moment. we'll take you to the forecast heading throughout friday. temperatures will hold steady. we'll start with clouds in the morning. i think all areas will have sunshine here by 11:00 o a.m. on friday. pushing towards daytime highs near average. san jose looking at 82. hotter and sunnier in saratoga with 84. for the peninsula, stays mainly clouded in there with 65 degrees. pa palo alto at 8 o. 60s expected throughout tomorrow. the north bay, east bay and try valley, comfortable in napa at 83 degrees. oakland, 70 tomorrow. car thermometer will jump up in waln walnut creek, 81. 84 degrees for pleasanton. a preview of the weekend, saturday and sunday, very nice weather for this time of the year. 8 o expected by sunday. you can get more on the forecast
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any time at nbc bay we're back right after this break.
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tonight, breaking news. what brought down malaysian flight 17? we'll have the latest details. nbc nightly news with brian williams, tonight. it has been years in the making and more than a billion dollars to build. tonight, the new home of the 49ers is open for business. >> boy, is it? nbc bay area toured the stadium. he joins us from santa clara. damian, you got to see it first. >> they've been waiting for this day for years. they've opened up their new home. it took 7800 workers but today, the niners say this is the most technologically advanced stadium in the world. >> 3, 2, 1! >> the celebration began with the colors of the five-time
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super bowl champions. levi stadium, a monument for one of the best teams in football. >> our time has come where we've become an epicenter. >> 2200 monitors adorn the walls and halls of the stadium. if you have the money, you can walk from one of the luxury clubs on to the grass and to your $80,000 seats. levi's is ready for football. the only thing missing are the yard lines painted on the field. and for those worried about the noise from airliners flying into nearby sjt, the city is working with the f.a.a. to adjust the flight path on game days. >> we're working closely with san jose international airport and the f.a.a. to ensure that we are able to accommodate all that want to come into silicon valley, all the general aviation and all of our planes that come here. >> the biggest ovation was for those who built the stadium. the workers. [ applause ] >> it feels great.
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being able to build san jose stadium, i'm a big fan of the niners. it's a dream come true. >> a $1.3 billion dream. >> a small tidbit on your hamburgers here at the stadium. the niners will grind the meat on fridays so that the hamburgers will be fresh for you on gameday. live outside levi stadium, i'm damian trujillo. >> we expect nothing less from the hamburgers. tonight at 6:30. the ripple effect. we go behind the walls of levi stadium to see how it's acting as a catalyst for other businesses in the silicon valley. a major shakeup for a technology jiept today. microsoft announcing it will lay off up to 18,000 workers over the next year. that's about 14% of its workforce. some of those layoffs started today. most of the jobs expected to come from nokia, which microsoft bought back in april. this is, by far, the largest round of cuts in the company's history. up next, one final update on the malaysian airlines crash. stay with us.
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want to take a moment to recap developments in tonight's top story. the downing of that malaysian airlines plane near the russian border of ukraine. authorities believe a surface-to-air missile brought that plane down. tonight, it's still unclear who fired the missile or where it was fired from. malaysia airlines now says there were 29 o people on board. that does include the crew and three infants.
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there are no survivors. news of that crash sent stocks tumbling as investors moved into safe havens with gold and bonds. the dow falling 161 points. the s&p 500 dropped nearly 1.5%. this is the largest one-day decline in more than three months. brian williams will continue our coverage of the plane crash. he'll have a special one-hour edition of nightly news right after this newscast and then we'll be back with you at 6:30 tonight with more local news and you can find more information online at also on our facebook page and on twitter. >> thanks for joining us. we'll see you at 6:30.
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we're covering breaking news tonight of an air disaster, the crash of malaysia airlines flight 17, a commercial airliner which the u.s. says was shot out of the sky by a surface-to-air missile over ukraine with 295 people on board. tonight, the investigation. who is to blame? a field of wreckage in the middle of a war zone. and more breaking news on a second front, the ground invasion now under way in gaza. israeli troops are on the move. richard engel is there. our "nbc nightly news" special coverage begins now. a special good evening to our viewers in the western half of the country tonight.


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